Lock-down Longing

A section of a forest a painting, in oxides by Morag Noffke

What do you long for?

When we have everything we need and everything is at our finger tips we might take things for granted. Now in this time of Lock-down where I live we aren’t allowed to go for walks. I miss the forests. They are my ‘fix’.

Imagine, with me, going walking in the forest. Canopy overhead, sunbeams filtering through, dappled on the ground. You see the soft mist lingering and the steam streaming slowly from damp tree trunks, birds chirp and warble, there’s a crunch beneath your feet of pine needles as you trudge along. Loamy soil smells so rich and earthy. Perhaps there are other people you meet and dogs racing past.

Although I am aware of those around me I am usually in my own world. I enjoy discovering things along the way and I am always picking things up for collecting. I also discover things about myself as I let my mind meander inwardly; I pick up things for pondering. Once I am home my body, mind and soul are refreshed and I am once more filled up and restored. Afterwards I paint, write or dabble with my thoughts.

Let’s use this as a metaphor:
As you walk your gaze is far away, focusing on the journey, small things may escape your field of vision. You might be focusing on other people or the vast view up ahead. Maybe the scene is beautiful or maybe overwhelming but it is up ahead, still in the future, not yet now.

Then bringing your focus from the background into the foreground minute details can be observed like the mushroom Mandy photographed.

I love the fine details 
against the blurred background; 
the here and now 
vs the future 
still in the distance.

Photo by Mandy Noffke.

Sometimes we need to stop focusing on the vastness of the view and bring our focus closer in on life to the precious moments we miss, precious details that we could collect and be grateful for. Life is a gift and it is filled with precious moments.

What are the details you see in life?

Does the background ‘clutter’ distract you from precious moments in your life?

These are my thoughts today, take care.

4 thoughts on “Lock-down Longing

  1. I love the little mushroom at the end. Your artwork reminds me of primitive paintings which are very basic yet continues to tell a story like they did in olden days. Such well done and conceived art and story. Thank you. I love the trees too.

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