From Livingstone to Monze

We passed many trucks, bicycles, pedestrians and a train on this leg of the journey.

We had to charge our car battery as it was flat, before we could leave, this particular morning. We were using a fridge that was connected to the car battery. Luckily we had what we needed to charge it. We eventually left Cubu Cabins at 10.10. I was sad to go even although I was scared of the noises and animals, especially the hippo. It had sounded so close this last night and morning. It was one of the most beautiful places I visited on our travels in Africa.

We had to stop at Livingstone and buy airtime and lunch: 2 baguettes which we shared, one for lunch and kept the other for supper. They were huge and only cost R20.00 each.

The drive to the next town, Monze, was a much better road but there were a lot of trucks. It was so very stressful for me as I still suffer from PTSD from an accident I was in years ago and as a result I got a severe tummy ache.

In Moorings we had a little lappa with a thatched roof for ourselves; there was one for each camping area.

This is what is known as a lappa.

I seem to attract cats. These are some of the domestic animals we met on our journey around Southern Africa.

Derek and I enjoy observing the birds and we saw Cordon Bleu finches at this camping site.

That is all for now, Take care.

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From Livingstone to Monze

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