The art process: Colour Burst

This is some jazz that I was listening to while working in my studio for you to listen to.

Rhythmic Colour Burst.
Recently I picked up my chalk pastels and I enjoyed getting the feel of pastels once again. First I warmed up with Rhythmic Colour Burst. I was listening to jazz music, as I worked, to inspire my movement in the use of texture. I contemplated how in composing music, notes are clustered together to form motifs in patterns, like letters making up words. Just like motifs that are repeated regularly I repeated my mini images to form a repeated pattern, to form a visual rhythm. It was fun and all absorbing and I enjoyed the process immensely.

Rhythmic Colour Burst: my finished warm-up in chalk pastel.

Floral Colour Burst.
My subject matter that I planned to work on was an unfinished piece from 2017 when I use to do art at our holiday house in Yzerfontein. When I found the unfinished artwork I felt, for a second, that it was not worthy of finishing. Then I thought how symbolically I had abandoned the work and that I would give it some hope. I was aware that I didn’t have the original bunch of flowers to refer to but I decided that I would use my artistic license to fill in the gaps. I am an idealist and a dreamer and so I used these strengths to add to the image and make it the way I wanted it to be. In naming my painting I claimed it back as worthy.

Artistic companion
As I worked I thought of my father who had been my artistic companion when I was a young girl before he died; I asked myself: what would he do ‘here’ or ‘here’ or ‘there’ because he was good at making things up. It was very helpful. I felt like I had his company with me in my studio. I was not alone. As I worked I thought to myself: I am aware that only I can take my artwork forward. I am autonomous. The knowledge that my father is dead for 51 years now (Death 25 may 1969) is not an ‘informational knowing’ but a ‘separational knowing’; I am not a prototype of him or my mother, who was also artistic. This separation from one’s parents or leaders is the first step of becoming fully my own artist or creative director. I have the impetus to take myself over the threshold as my own director.

This is true for all of us whatever field we are in; you choose your creative path or whichever path you follow. I wrote two poems recently: This poem, May you be creative, speaks of allowing the flow of creativity and this one, Sacredness of being is to encourage you to take the next step on your journey.

Take care, life is a gift , let it flow.

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