Mystic Colour Burst: My art process.

The art process
I want to share a simplified explanation of my art process emerging from a deep reflective process I had in the last few weeks. Often my process evolves and emerges over time. Many thoughts and experiences contribute to my final process. It is a process that cannot be forced or hastened.

I was considering my spirit or what I like to call my essence. Here I used marker pens or highlighters to express my spirit as precious, limitless, sacred and many other qualities that are personal to me – this is just some of what I was thinking about when I made this image. I have blurred out all but one section to bring your attention to just one part of my thought process.

As the process continued…

I explored other art mediums: oil pastels and chalk pastels, to name a few. I was searching for the perfect image. The image that was inside my mind. Nothing was working. Phrases that swam through my mind were: “too dark”; “too indistinct”; “too central”; and on so it went. Often in my artistic process I become angry and disappointed with myself and I give up. I am sure many of you who are also creative can relate to this response. I am learning to invite the editor-voice of kindness and encouragement to offer her input.

I was thinking about the 25th of May 1969 being when my father died last Monday. It was a type of honouring of his life and feeling grateful as he was the one who passed on his creative DNA to me. I remembered his connection to his love of the sea as he was a ships captain; following that I thought how ships have portholes and then it jumped into my mind that I wanted to combine my essence image with the porthole image which is symbolic of my father. So I superimposed the symbolic image of porthole and a barrel wave in the center portraying continuous energy.

Mystic Colour Burst, chalk pastel, by Morag Noffke.

It is not exactly what I had in mind as I started out but I am pleasantly content with the image because it says more now than what I planned initially. As you can see there is more to the image; with other symbols too but I won’t be getting into that now.

I found the whole process: the deep reflection and artistic process very meaningful. I appreciate being able to share this process with you and thank you for reading this post. I hope that in some way it might be thought provoking to you. Maybe you might be inspired to try some art as well.

Take care, till next time.

Acrylics 2011, M. Noffke

14 thoughts on “Mystic Colour Burst: My art process.

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us Morag. Indulging in art is surely a very fulfilling experience. I indulge in art in terms of music everyday and whenever I sit down for my practice session it almost feels like I am meditating. In this fast paced world I feel atleast for me art gives me the most amount of joy.

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