Transforming mandala.

In response to a writing prompt: A personal mandala is about to unfold

Transforming mandala.
As my life circles out, 
like centrifugal force in slow motion, 
from the center, 
where I originate from 
to where my life will end 
I see how my life becomes more abundant, 
with whatever I fill it with. 
The space gets bigger and wider, 
evermore spacious, 
and as I choose to fill it mindfully, 
clearing debris and passing clutter 
I fill it with being, in love, 
I fill it with space, in peace 
and I fill it with me and you, 
a communion so kind and healing.
And I feel the health growing even as I get older.

Thank you to for your writing prompt. (You can read her Purple Mandala there.) Anybody else feel like taking up the challenge?

Take care, and bee inspired.

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