Enough freedom

I’m free
Of all this worldly clutter
Clinging and dragging and frowning,
Of social messages making requirements 
To be the same or different
To be better, to improve
All the clanging and banging and drowning
My voice out;
Free of everybody else’s trials and skirmishes
Of their pokes and quips;
Or of word-strokes that seek to please
of 'daily junk mail' and the banal squeeze
Enshrined in clever words;
In our social media
Saying nothing more than everybody has already said.
I am free because now I acknowledge 
what was always there – 
To know the truth in my heart
(And you have it too)
In the past I have looked 
to others for the profound answer
Not realizing the gift I have in me is enough.
To be alive, living the life,
Free to be me. 

Have a good weekend, take care.

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