May your inner fire burn brightly.

Are you connected to your inner fire? Do you need refreshing or reviving? Or are you feeling inspired for the next season? You may think I am crazy because many of you know that your spirits are flagging with the ongoing onslaught of Covid 19. In order to get through this ordeal we need to lift our spirit or I like to think of it as an inner fire.

“The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.”

-Edith Sodergran, Scandinavian poet.

African camp fire, by Morag Noffke

It is when we do not feed or protect our inner fires that they become smouldering embers, so be encouraged, rekindle the embers and fan the flame for you have not been given a spirit of timidity but of power and love. Hold onto this. Each of us has been given an inner flame that guides us and inspires us. If you are unfamiliar with your inner fire you’ve been given, search for it.

May your inner fire burn brightly.
While for some winter is approaching and you might be sitting next to the warm fire and other’s of us are moving into the heat of the summer months, think on this – feed and fan your inner fire. We all have the inner fire in our souls that yearns to burn bright in every season.

May our inner fire burn brightly, M Noffke.

With December just around the corner may the Light shine on all.

Take care.