Update on my Mother

Recently my mother found out that the pain in her ankle that she has been dealing with for 30 years (!!) is actually very serious and if she didn’t have an operation soon her ligament might be worn through and she would lose the ability to use it. However the good news is that the […]

Update on my Mother

Hello my lovely readers and WordPress friends. Here is a post my daughter posted about my ankle and my plight. I will be home soon and I will have lots of time to blog in the near future.

Thank you Ellie for your post.

Take care, Morag

29 thoughts on “Update on my Mother

  1. Oh my dear Morag 👀. I really hope your recovery goes quickly and that you will soon be out and about again! Then, on the other hand, don’t rush … sometimes patience is all that is asked of you after an operation. September is just round the corner … 💌.

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