My Art of 2021 Butterfly Wings: Freedom

I want to clear up a possible misunderstanding: I did not run this course, Art of Individuation, I attended it. Although I have run art workshops in the past this was a course run by South Africans which was attended worldwide. It was an intense and in-depth course which covered a Jungian aspect called “individuation.” The medium through which we explored this concept was up to each of us so long as it was Art, for example, music, poetry, visual arts, dance, movement, film etc. I initially thought I was going to explore through painting. It soon became clear to me that I was moving into other avenues as well as you can see below, Remembering My Childhood Wings.

As I share my art during this course I aim to give you a soupcon taste of the different things I did. It will be like little biopsies of my art and I will explain what is relevant to the pertaining art. I will not be discussing the whole course as that would just be too much.

We were asked, early in the course, to think back to a creative symbol which had stayed with us throughout time.

My creative symbol is: a ballet dance of the butterfly in a pantomime. The wings were red organza painted with a gold glitter in a pretty pattern. The organza flowed and fluttered in response to the arm movements. I was 6 years old and I was one of the dancers. As I put on the wings I became the butterfly. The beauty was captivating and dazzling. I felt so free. I had recently learnt about the Garden of Eden and in my mind I was a butterfly in the Garden of Eden.

I was enthralled by the costume wings and how they changed the dancers into butterflies (in character) in that dance, on stage I existed to dance, to be beautiful, to dazzle, flutter and twirl: independently existing of the observer – totally in my own world; observers being the audience – parents, teachers and friends. I was me, totally free. This is so symbolic of individuation and becoming a unique independent person. This process can happen throughout our lives as and when we grow and develop.

You can find the rest of this post here Feedback About my Course I am Attending which I wrote last year but more importantly I want to present the work of art that I recreated. Remembering back to my six year old self I painted the wings on chiffon and designed it as a scarf for me to wear as a reminder of the freedom I once was attracted to. The second part of the artwork is the video / photographs, itself, which I put together to capture the idea of movement. The model is not me, but a friend’s daughter who worked with me.

Remembering My Childhood Wings

See you soon,

And take care

16 thoughts on “My Art of 2021 Butterfly Wings: Freedom

    • Thank you Ashley, it’s truly something that has just abided with me, sometimes going underground like a river and then popping up again… So sometimes it feels like creativity has run dry but it’s underground… I feel a bit like that at the moment… When lots goes on it takes up the creative space which I need for being creative… I am hoping that once I have settled in I will start painting again and I also want to possibly do some illustration. Thanks for visiting. 🍁🍂🙋‍♀️


  1. I liked, ‘a ballet dance of the butterfly’, so cute. This is so creative. Childhood in itself is very creative. But I’m happy to see you back in creative mood. All the best 👍💐

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  2. What a beautiful memory you recreated for us!!! And the symbol of the butterfly represents your story so well; feeling like an independent person, like a butterfly spreading your wings (literally, in this case!) It’s fascinating to recall certain memories of our past and how it sticks with us. The scarf you made is a beautiful reminder of that. Thanks for sharing with us! 💗


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