An Explanation: to Revise and Update my Blog.

In the last year my personal activity on my blog has been minimal as I have focused my energies elsewhere: our home and flat renovations, our plans for immigration, my ankle surgery and so forth. I am the type of person who finds it difficult to focus on more than a couple of things at once. And so I make no apology for the way I am, just that I learn to accept this way of being as being my optimum at the moment, even if I admire others who have a different modus operandi around blogging. My aim, this last year, was to keep updating you on my life but that is not the main aim of this blog. My ultimate aim is to share my experiences of travel, art, and my thoughts about life as well.

view from Iona towards Mull, 1997, photo by Morag Noffke.

Now that I close one chapter (living in South Africa) and open the next (living in Scotland) I decided to update my About Page to being a bit more personal and up to date with who I am. I will also be taking some older posts down as they are part of unfinished series that no longer reflects who I am and I doubt I will finish them. I share this intent just in case you find weird things happening to my posts; I do not wish to be annoying. I am aware that sometimes technology can go wrong and you might land up with 250 of my posts in your inbox all at once. If this happens please forgive me. There is an Afrikaans saying that goes “by voorbaat dankie” which loosely translated means thank you in advance; I would like to add “by voorbaat vergeve my” (please forgive me in advance) if it should happen.

Once I have finished revising and updating my old posts I hope to pick up some loose ends from last year. The first will be about my art course, Art as individuation, I attended a year ago.

That is it for now, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend .

Take care,

17 thoughts on “An Explanation: to Revise and Update my Blog.

  1. I am so excited for you and Derrick and your new life. I can’t wait to see some photos of your new home after you can walk more and enjoy the countryside. You will be instantly forgiven if I get all of your old blogposts at once. LOL! Just heal and enjoy!

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    • Thank you for your best wishes, visiting my blog and for following. I see that you have deleted your blog and feel a little disappointed not to be able to read your blog as I think I would have been interested in your writings. Take care πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ


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