Change is All Around Us

like autumn leaves 
come raining down on me.
Leaves changing in colour
responding to Season's

My thoughts on challenges and change in my life.

We face change from the minute we are birthed into this world. At first we aren’t aware of what or how change affects us but by the time we get to school we have developed some internal preferences about change and by the time we reach young adulthood some of us decide we don’t like change and others enjoy change.  I write this post as much for myself as for anyone else reading it. Previously I thought I didn’t like change.

Change happens all the time whether we like it or not. It is challenging but let’s face it, it’s the way we grow and develop. Right from first learning to sit, crawl and walk to sophisticated actions and thoughts we make as adults. I didn’t like change when my father died when I was six years old.  I thought I would like school because I wanted to learn to read and write but I discovered I didn’t like school much at all. Looking back I think it is because, in my opinion school is an unnatural environment that doesn’t emulate real life. But don’t let me get started on my opinions about school.  The other reason which I only really pieced together while in recovery for my ankle in South Africa, recently, is that I have an auditory perception disorder. I am not deaf or hard of hearing in the sense that I can hear the sound but my brain doesn’t process sound and piece together what I hear in the same way as normal people. This means I get highly anxious in crowded and busy places, such as classrooms, sports events, dances, parties etc. etc. but I digress. This is something I have to live with and make adjustments for; now that I know this about myself I don’t feel bad telling people that I didn’t hear what they said, when I ask them to repeat themselves.

So apart from having to be aware of my auditory processes requirements when I listen to people talk in a new country, who have different accents to me, a number of other changes have happened in quick succession. Hopefully by now most of you are aware that we have moved to Scotland from South Africa. We bought a two year old car on Sunday. I am really happy about this as we are not anywhere near public transport and being dependent on others for lifts into town is not a nice feeling. We also received our belongings last Tuesday which we are delighted about but the fact that we have to unpack all the boxes and find new places brings up mixed feelings. I like being organized and instinctively want it all sorted (magically before my eyes) as quickly as possible but on the other hand doing things in a slow methodical way has its joys too.

The biggest and most unplanned change is that I have taken on a roving role at our business; at the moment I am acting as customer relations manager/office manager. It has been quite a steep learning curve for me but I have enjoyed the challenge and also enjoy being an integral part in our family business. With this change I have had to adjust my expectations around my creativity, especially art and blogging. This has been a little frustrating but it means that I need to organize my time more efficiently so that I can still get done the things I want to do.  

Finally, I can see that not all change is bad and that I can embrace change with joy. I still plan to blog and do art but it might happen mostly on the weekends rather than in the week. I have also joined a craft group that meets in the evenings. This is a really good way to meet new like-minded people and get on with my other crafts. So I am really looking forward to my weekend and I hope you all have a great weekend too.  

Here’s looking forward to being creative…

Happiness and warm thoughts, take care.

26 thoughts on “Change is All Around Us

  1. Yes, not all change is bad. We can embrace some changes. Sorry about your auditory perception disorder. I can only imagine the struggle in crowded places. I hope you settled well in Scotland. And that’s its treating you wee😏. Congratulations on your Office Managet job. Lot’s to learn but so good that you are helping grow your family business. Nice post.

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    • Yes you are right, not all change is bad. Thank you, I guess I struggled most as a child. Struggling with reading and spelling and being painfully shy,as well as crowds. Yes we are settling in. Just taking it at a gentle pace. Can’t force anything. Thank you, yes it’s good to try a new role. Stretching.

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  2. I know these changes have been trying at times, but you have been through hard things before. I know you have some of the same motivations and drives that I do, so I know you will come through these trying times and come out on the other side stronger, wiser, and an even better you, than you are now! Hugs! Call me any time you want to.

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  3. Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not, and resistance to it is futile and avoidable. Better to embrace it with caution. Congratulations for the car! I salute your courage and conviction. Keep it up! Enjoy your time and craft. Have a great weekend 🎉💐🙏

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  4. One of my mentors used to say “Constant change is here to stay.” At the time, I found his comment irritating but now I know it is simply a fact of life. And I’ve also learned that wonderful friendships and meaningful experiences often come out of embracing change. All the best in the your new country and new role 🙂 Thanks for the post.

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  5. Great poetry and lovely art Morag, and very sensible thoughts on change 🌸💕 I know its not easy to always embrace change and to welcome challenges. (Easier said than done) I’m thankful when I do get through it as it avoid wasting energy on things I can’t control. May you get those boxes sorted and unpacked quickly, best wishes with all the challenges and changes coming your way.

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