Autumn leaves like shedding masks

Autumn (fall)

Autumn is coming

Cold nights welcoming the bulbs

Warm days say good bye.


Leaves fall to the ground

bare branches and bark unmasked



A call to stand proud

Embracing humanity

Compassionate love

black and white photo of bare trees

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on


We need support to distance ourselves from our illusions and rationalizations
and see them for what they are. To unmask our false or separate self, we need to install a kind of ‘inner observer’ or ‘fair witness.’

— Richard Rohr, founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation.


Shedding Masks

As we shed our masks we feel vulnerable and bare, but with compassion for ourselves, and from others, we can embrace our humanity, in the cold we welcome the inner bulbs within us to begin to grow. Are you aware of this process within? Do you invite Love in as the inner observer?



2 thoughts on “Autumn leaves like shedding masks

  1. Thank You for sharing these thpughts Morag.
    I feel sad that summer is over…but perhaps Autumn is more congerant with my inner season at the moment…and you have given me new insight into the meaning and possibilities of Autumn.
    Thank You..

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