The Wintering Tree.


The wintering tree, that’s me, by Morag Noffke. Black ink and bleach on water colour paper.


The Wintering tree, that’s me.

Oh winter sky

In it’s wildest forms

Bringing the passing-by

Deepest storms

While I, cocooned and comforted

By Love,

The greatest Tenderness

From above.

I have drawn myself down

From the Crown,

To the root of the tree.

Like sap

I am nestled,

In the arms of Majesty,

Waiting for Spring.


That’s me.


Oh the winter is cold

And many things it deforms.

While the past we may hold

The Future it transforms;

I lie here

So warm and welcomed

By Love.

I am in Repair:

Healing I hug.

I have drawn myself down,

From the Crown

To the root of the tree

Like sap

I am nestled,

In the arms of Majesty,

Waiting for Spring,

Hibernating –

That’s me.


As I took my early morning walk and my feet crunched through the dry leaves that had fallen I thought about how it is Autumn for me – going on for Winter; while it is Spring  – coming out of Winter for some friends of mine in the Northern hemisphere. I decided I would like to share with you my contemplative thoughts about Winter. Do you enjoy thinking about the metaphors of the seasons?

Enjoy the change of Season both inside and outside.



2 thoughts on “The Wintering Tree.

  1. Beautiful imagery expressed so well. I could almost feel the warmth of being protected in the roots of the tree while cold winter stirs outside. I too love trees and it brings joy to me every season to observe the changes of the different trees. Thank you for such a lovely poem.

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