The sacredness of being.

“When you stand with the blessings of your mother and God, it matters not who stands against you”

– Nigerian Proverb
Lake Louise, Canada, by Morag Noffke
Consider your self, 
your soul,  
You are wonderfully created, 
do not discount yourself as 'nothing' 
or put yourself down. 
You have the where-with-all to stand proud; 
everything you need is there for you. 
Appreciate who you are and what you have. 

Let go of  "old Garments"; 
it is time to put on the new. 
Those old thoughts that cling to you 
that continually bring you down must go, 
they no longer serve you. 
Cultivate new thoughts of kindness, 
compassion and hope. 
Be true to yourself, 
and be faithful to who you are created to be. 
Do not be self-effacing, 
this is not true humility.  
Choose to simply be you. 
No longer do you need to prove who you are. 
You are already YOU. 

You have worth. 
You are precious and highly prized. 
Yes you are vulnerable, 
and perhaps feel ordinary that is good too, 
but you are valuable as you are. 
You are a creative human-being 
and an agency for love. 
You are spiritual, 
be a role model. 

You do not need to impress anybody, 
you don't need to perform for anyone. 
You are enough, special, sacred, 
amazing and wonderful. 
When a mother settles her eyes on her baby 
for the first time she looks with wonder; 
that baby was and is you. 
Now it is time to see your true worth 
through the eyes of "internal mother's wonder", 
that is how you nurture yourself. 
Know that you are loved. 

Maybe you feel like you don’t know yourself, you don’t know who you are. That is because the ‘world’ has put its expectations on you or you have tried to fit into societies norms to make others happy or you have buried yourself under piles of debris to hide your truth. Maybe it is because of fear of the response from others, fear of judgement or criticism. Maybe people have put you down enough times to cause you to believe their words about you. Maybe you didn’t have the opportunity of feeling your mothers gaze of wonder, or you were neglected and discouraged. These things can cause you to believe the worst about yourself and eventually you forget who you truly are. If you think that this might be true of you and you want to remember who you are it is time to go on a personal quest to find that precious person that you are.

Take care – life is a gift and so are you.

“Our healing is bound up in each other’s. It is the truest level of love, as each and every thing offers itself for another.

– Richard Rohr . instragram . cacradicalgrace

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