Stepping out the Box

May we learn to think outside the box and trust that there is an abundance of ideas, possibilities and opportunities.

I wrote this poem when I was 17 and although it is about my growth at that time I believe it is also symbolic of how we can get out of our limiting boxes, reach out to each other and learn from each other, there by experiencing the abundance that is there for us.

I was once locked inside a box.
I only saw very small flecks of light 
come flickering in.
I loved it's warmth,
It made me long for more
and to be outside, free.
The box was cold,
it repelled,
it froze
those who ventured near.
Then one day
a shaft of Light
found its way
into my night.
This ray of hope,
it made me bold
and curious.
It was far bigger
than what I could hold
so I burst out my box.
I began to dance.
Then I saw others.
We shared our light
and there was more,
And more, and more.
We can't contain it
for it is infinite;
it is ours to embrace
and give away.

Morag Armstrong (Noffke) 1980
Photo by Elina Krima on

Take care, I hope you have a good week.

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