Poem: Self-reflection

Time spent in self-reflection is never wasted – it is an intimate date with yourself.

Paul TP Wong.

I lashed out at someone
in my mind.
I was annoyed.
I know I need to come back
to my personal barometer.

There is a story
leading me within;
if I could find the end
of the unraveled rope
maybe I could pull and tug
like a tug-o-war.
Observing and curious,
it is a winding journey
and a complex thread.
I look deep within my heart and wait...

The emotion is connecting me
to myself 
and the "Other."
I find the frayed tip
and my internal eye
is awash with images.
I can see the little girl.
She needs love 
and acknowledgement;
she needs hope
and courage.
She finds her Oracle
and melts into the embrace.
Embrace of love,
cutting free from limitations,
letting go
and diving in
the Ocean of Love.

“Our awareness of being chosen opens our eyes to the chosenness of others.”

Henri Nouwen (henrinouwen.org)

Take care, till next time.

18 thoughts on “Poem: Self-reflection

    • Thank you for your encouragement. Yes always so many layers… Layers from all the complexity of one’s own life and other’s… Everything we experience as to them, yet we shine through… Always a glimpse of ourselves. And then there are the spiritual layers deep intense and private on the one hand yet shining like the sun. And like the sun if it ceases to exist the rays cease as well. We are like God’s rays… Continually glinting to some degree all through the layers. Especially as we let go of limitations… I hope that makes sense.


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