Winter Wonderings.

I like winter: 
the rain, wind and thunderstorms; 
long dark evenings of the soul 
and icy cold morning starts...

it's the incubation of my mind. 

Time for dreaming,
time to hunker down* in front of the fire, 
with trusting companions,  
my dogs  and I watch the flames of desire... 

Maybe it's like a trance.
It’s a call to sit and wonder 
wandering mind watching with awe  
appreciating what is mine,  
with grateful connection to myself and “Other” ...

the meeting place in time.

A bubbling and a trickling begins to flow from my heart
and with the alchemy of mind and soul 
new creations emerge, immersed in my flow.
False images and stories detach ...

and disintegrate like ashes on the ground. 
Morag by Morag Noffke.
While true investment 
embodies incarnation in joy; 
in differences alive 
as the flames flicker and embers glow....

Taking on new shapes and significance. 

May you too take time to wonder at your life.
Take care.

*What does hunker down mean? It means to go right down on your haunches so that your ankles and knees are bent, in a crouching position. Metaphorically it means to take a ‘season’ and with your supplies stay in one place where it is safe; much like many of are doing during covid-19 and lock-down. It apparently comes from the Scottish word to hunker.

9 thoughts on “Winter Wonderings.

  1. Since I live in the Northern hemisphere in North America we are beginning the throes of early summer. Believe me I am not enjoying the idea of heat. But your words made me almost want to be in front of a fire place cozy, under a blanket with my cat. Amazing word usage that could cause that feeling!! Beautiful!

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