Metamorphosis demands…

Metamorphosis demands I grow
It feels like velcro 
clinging to my old ways inside and out
complexity, so much going on
so much hanging-on
mind-sets ingrained 
want to let go
not easy though
they seem to be holding me like velcro
pulling, prising, plucking, 
tugging, twisting, 
ripping, peeling, tweezing ,
all the same a painful process.
Is this the only way to remove the mind-sets?
Easier to just leave it there
but that’s not the life for me.
I want ‘shed’ to be free, 
liberated to move on.
I choose another way of:
soaking, mulling,
dipping, drenching, 
steeping, healing
submersing in compassionate love
so that the exfoliation becomes a nurturing salve,
Even when going through pain
waiting for the next segment of my journey
is the ointment that will comfort and soothe.
Ultimately made stronger.

Change can be challenging even if you invite it into your life and truly want it. Be patient and compassionate with yourself and remember it is a process that takes time. We move forwards and backwards and sidestep: it is a dance that takes you towards your changes; be conscious of the tempo and rhythms. You will get there.

Peace and Love.

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