Elgin and Grabouw

Roses on the roadside in Elgin, by Morag Noffke.

Roses, roses, roses.
My overwhelming memory of driving through the orchards in Elgin and Grabouw was of all the roses. The rose is one of my favorite flowers and they felt and looked so abundant lining streets. We were on the lookout for a private airfield that Derek had heard about.

We searched with the GPS looking for Elginair as it is called. Derek is a determined and tenacious man and this search reminded me of our road-trip into Africa. It can get quite intense; almost as if this is going to be the last thing we ever do. And of course we did eventually find it with a bit of help from a local man who gave us directions. It was on a private farm called Oak Valley estate. I was a little amused at the name ‘Elginair’ as to my mind that sounds so grand for a little airstrip on a farm. After getting permission we were accompanied by security to the hanger as Derek wanted to inspect the runway for future reference in case he ever needed to land there.

Airstrip on local farm in Theewaterskloof.

This is one of the airstrips Derek has landed on (previous to looking for Elginair,) when flying over Theewaterskloof Dam.

It was fun adventuring through the orchards. Life is certainly not dull with Derek, and I guess he would say the same about me and all my creative adventures too.

Take care, till next time.

13 thoughts on “Elgin and Grabouw

  1. Ahh, such beautiful pictures!
    Elgin is known as the “apple valley” and we always make a point of buying their delicious apples when we drive past … and then we make anything apple (apple pie, apple muffins and even apple in the drinking water!)
    Yes, when a man is on a mission, there is not much that can stop them, hey πŸ˜‰.

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