I am grateful for bugs and bees.

Bees on onion flower, M Noffke.
In my lovely back garden 
are small bugs and bees,
I am grateful for these:
they come and go 
as they please;
visiting blossoms
as they speak of hope 
and a new tomorrow -
their potential promise
renewed that produces 
my fruit and vegetables.
Pollination of flowers
inspiring my hours 
with joy.
I am grateful for these 
bugs and bees. 
Relaxation for me 
means being - 
being in my garden - 
aimless maybe, 
thing - 

Have a blissful weekend being.

38 thoughts on “I am grateful for bugs and bees.

  1. I love the bees and insects too. Also the birds and all the wildlife around the little house that I rent. There’s bunnies, frogs, racoons, June Bugs, ladybugs, butterflies, dragonflies. I appreciate them all so much after living in an apartment for 6 years with none of this, no land and heard nothing but traffic, guns shooting, neighbors yelling, sirens. It’s like heaven here compared to that.

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