End 2020

End 2020, Start 2021
There are two weeks to go before the new year, 2021. 
This must be one of the most poignant times for us as the human race; 
Covid 19 certainly has made a mark on humanity, 
no matter what your opinions are about it Covid 19. 
We all must surely wish that it would stop. 
And in thinking about the year ending: 
does anyone else wonder what is in store for us next year? 

For me Covid 19 has made me accurately aware of how vulnerable and dependent we are on our systems and each other to function and flourish. I also think that it has taken the sting out of our arrogance and self-assuredness. I am far more inclined to allow life to flow and see what is going to happen in the future now.

I have created soupcon-posts of thoughts, quotes and my digital doodles which I hope will encourage and inspire some positivity.

They are scheduled so that at the same time I will take a retreat; taking time out to make space for the new year. As I do this I invite new Joy in creativity, a Peace and Hope for all of us to live in Love. May our hearts be expectant. Although I retreat I am never far away and will drop in to read your comments.

Take care, tell next time.

14 thoughts on “End 2020

  1. This has been an exceptionally challenging year for so many people around the world. I appreciate your sentiments. Glad you’re making time for art. Important now more than ever to lean on our healthy escapes. Take good care Morag!

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