Balance and Harmony

This post is my attempt at creating balance and harmony in the way I live. Some people refer to the state of creating balance as “a balancing act,” I myself have used this term but I don’t like it as it is far from an act for me. I don’t really think that “acting” gets us anywhere useful in our personal lives unless if keeping up appearances and pretense for the world is important. For me, the challenge is much more about remaining authentic while creating harmony out of the chaos of life. That feeling of being overstretched can be paralyzing. I imagine that many people feel like this at times, me included.

Reflecting on the last year.

I share this post with the desire to remain as transparent as possible. As you know one of my personal tasks last year was to create a way of life that is sustainable, which includes my body. To be more specific: my way of eating and my exercise routines, as well as sleep, drinking more water, relaxation and other self-care habits; the list goes on and on. Eventually working on all these new habits can feel like they are making one a little bit crazy. For that reason I focused on my habit of eating and preparing healthy homemade food last year. I lost 15 kg and it improved my health immensely. I also embarked on a rehabilitative exercise routine as my injury (ankle) was keeping me from exercising properly. I am happy to say that I have been able to step up my strength building exercises this year and now do hill walking as well at least twice a week.

Another routine I developed last year was blogging regularly.  As we all know life doesn’t revolve only around food, exercise and blogging. To keep up with the maintenance of life, as well as a social life in the pandemic era, sharpen one’s sword through courses and personal development as well as live out one’s calling is quite a challenge. Well it is for me anyway.

What’s new in my life?

My apologies for not keeping up with “reading and commenting” of your posts recently; I have joined a 9 week course that will impact my personal growth deeply. It is called the Art of Individuation and is a journey that includes art (music, dance, poetry, film making, photography etc.) and psychology, specifically Jungian psychology. It is in my nature to throw my body, mind and soul into whatever I do. I have debated with myself as to how I will blog in the next two months while I am working with this material as I know I will possibly be a bit preoccupied. It really is about the question of keeping balance and harmony. I thought of going AWOL or pleading leave of absence but that doesn’t sit well with me.  I also considered sharing parts of the process with you – maybe some of the things I have learnt or have found meaningful. As it is such a deeply personal process I would not necessarily want to explain the details. So I imagine writing posts could be quite a stretch for me but worth the challenge. I am not exactly sure what that would entail for me. In the end I hope to have some kind of exhibition. It might appear to be a little self-focused and narcissistic but that is not my intention; rather to remain transparent.   

As I don’t have a crystal ball or pre-printed plan of my life I try to follow the flow of life and so I will be as interested to see what I share in future posts as you might be.  Maybe it will be more of the same as it is still I who writes or it might be different content.  When the course is finished I plan to resume sharing my stories of my travels, my reflections of life and art. For now my invitation to you is to continue on this journey of musings with me as I do so appreciate being able to put my thoughts into words and sharing them with you.  Thank you for your support.  

Here is to surprises.

32 thoughts on “Balance and Harmony

  1. Dear Morag, I wish you well with this new adventure! It is something I could do with myself, that is, looking into where or what I want to be, going forward. I see the world in crisis not just in terms of nature, of the natural world but of humanity also! I sometimes feel like one of those people walking around with a billboard proclaiming “The World is Nigh”. Really! As I said in my last post there is a global conference taking part in Scotland, in November this year where the world’s leaders will discuss their response to climate change. At this time, I cannot see any one of them pointing the way to a positive future. I ask myself, is this an age thing (I’m now into my 70s)? However, as usual, your post IS positive in relation to yourself and perhaps that is the route or something similar that I should also be taking! Blessings 💐💐🙋‍♂️

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    • Thank you, I know what you mean about the world … We could get bogged down only seeing the negative… (although there is a place to consider how the world is going… And it is very concerning) I think there are also daily choices of making the most we have within a Topsy turvy world just as much as choosing to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. I believe we should not separate our humanity from the world, rather to rise above it in our actions and thoughts. Sounds lofty I know, but that is what I aspire to. 🌷🎶🌷🙋‍♀️

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  2. Very best of luck on your new course, it does sound positive and inspiring! It will be interesting to hear how it goes, but don’t feel pressurised to write, perhaps you should just take the time you need, as you say, finding the right balance. We’ll still be here when you’re ready!… 🌺

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  3. Thank you for sharing and I must admit I am very excited for you with your new journey. I don’t find any part of this narcissistic in fact the world gains from what you share. Morag enjoy the process and do share when you are ready and able God bless.

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  4. Lovely, all the best.
    Totally agree on the acting part, it can be exhausting and energy-consuming.
    Congratulations on the weight loss, and managing to stick to your new habits. It take commitment

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  5. Wow! 15 kgs? That’s incredible, Morag. Congratulations 👏 I loved the positivity in this post and your approach. Art of Individuation sounds interesting. A period of 9 months is too long. It means that the course will be quite deep and extensive one. It would certainly be nice if you share your experiences from time to time. All the very best to you for your future endeavours 🙏💐🌷

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  6. Oh Morag, this sounds like quite a fascinating course you’re doing! I always say, if it’s something that can put more value to your life – why not?
    Good luck and I do hope to read every now and then something that you’ve learned (and can possibly also ads value to my own life ☺️).
    And hey, congrats on that 15kg … that must feel amazing! I think I will try again when it’s a tad warmer 👀👀!

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    • Thank you very much, it’s a very thought provoking and stimulating course. I think one receives as much as one puts in. I am keen to share… Just needs to be at the right time. Thanks for the encouragement about loosing weight, I really need to loose another 6 kg for health reasons which is why I have stepped up the hill walks. Maybe summer I can get into the salads too 😉😉

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  7. Oooh, congratulations on the 9 week course!! I hope it is rejuvenating and helps you grow in your personal life! And I am excited to see where your blogging takes you in the process! I am sure it will be a great journey for you and a positive one, as you always have a great spirit about you!

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  8. Sometimes i think it can be very difficult to stay authentic, especially towards oneself.

    Congrats on the weight lost and the health improvement. I know last year was probably a difficult time for everyone to stay focused on the healthy side. But once a healthier lifestyle becomes a habit it’s easy to stay on track and easier to get back on track after a ‘cheat meal/day/week’.
    Take it easy with the ankle.

    I found out recently, after blogging for a while, it gets easier and its sort of therapeutic to clear ones mind. To get the thoughts out onto ‘paper’ can be freeing.
    Missed regular blogging and so happy to have started again..

    Good luck and enjoy the course. I’m sure it will be beneficial. And share if you can. Would love to know more about Jung.
    And looking forward to your regular blog sharing soon.
    And I enjoy the flow of life. Best not to resist and go with the flow. You are where meant to be where you are.


  9. Congratulations on doing so well with loosing weight and improving your health. I am looking forward to reading your future post and I think it is wonderful that you joined a course to enhance personal growth. All the best Morag with your journey.


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