Reflection on Past, Present and Future.

As a river we flow from the Source to the End reflecting the terrain we are embedded in. We experience “the before”, live in “the now” and ponder on “the after” or more commonly known as the past, present and future…

Flowing ever forward
We move from old routines 
to new practices: 
The Now is all about our breathing 
in air: fresh air, old air, virus infused air,
paranoid laden atmosphere. 
Our task is to look beyond wearing a mask 
Our challenge is to survive, 
and hopefully thrive, 
Our invitation in this present moment 
is to stand firm and thrive.
We grow like a tree 
rooted in the soil of our past 
and becoming stronger and wiser. 
We long for the old, 
looking backward 
but we can only flow forward 
into our future, forging ahead 
to become the best we can 
like the silver in the refinerโ€™s fire, 
eventually he will see his reflection in us
and we will share the many reflections
in each other.

Hope you are having a gentle weekend.

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