We All Have to Wait for Something.

Waiting: Anette Swensson

Waiting for an answer or diagnosis can be excruciating; especially when the outcome could really be something you are not looking forward to; something that is quite final. It’s a bit like sitting on an empty train station feeling alone and like the next train has been delayed: time hanging heavily in space.  

We look at our watches multiple times, knowing that time will be up at a certain point, but we keep looking with uneasiness. Maybe we sigh, pace or comfort ourselves; maybe we feel resolute, willing the answer to be the one we want it to be; or maybe we passively wait, not knowing what to think. Maybe we search for answers or we are so filled with fear that our brains become frozen in time. There might be so much unfamiliar information and we feel like we can’t see the wood for the trees.

After I had my breast biopsies I had to wait and wait and wait for an answer. I thought: “Don’t panic, I don’t have a history of cancer” then I thought “But I am not immune to it, I could have it”.  When I was waiting I found if I took a step back, metaphorically, it helped. There was no good in crossing bridges before I knew which they were; yet I could educate myself. I had paid no interest in finding out about cancer before as I had this “superstitious” idea that if I showed too much interest I might attract it. The truth is: having no knowledge about the illness can be scarier than knowing what one’s options are. I spent the weekend learning about the different diagnosis and language used so that I would at least be able to follow what the doctor was saying when I received the diagnosis. Facing my fear and holding it lightly, without stuffing it down into my subconscious and without spinning out of control, was a challenge. 

Life feels hazy in the distant future without specifics but I chose to look for the patch of sunlight breaking forth. I chose to have faith – not that it would be the answer I wanted but that I could bare whatever was put on my path. I had faith in my community, in my family, and in my belief in Life as a system that has cycles and is designed in a way that we all die at some point; if we live it is partly a miracle.

I reviewed my life. Had I lived a life I had been happy with? Had I done what I had set out to do? The answer was YES. I had a good relationship with my husband for which I was grateful for. I had brought up my daughters as best as I could. I believed they were capable to venturing into life without me if they had to. I had given back to the world as much as I could. What more could I ask for. I was grateful for the life I had been given. If it was taken now I would be complete. “But please God; could I have some more years?” – I asked within my heart. I would love that if it was possible. It didn’t mean I wasn’t scared of the process of dying or receiving the diagnosis. But I knew I had to face it with courage no matter the outcome.

The answer came on the Monday morning, provisionally I had breast cancer. “How bad was it?” They didn’t yet know. I had to wait some more. It was 9 years ago to the month that I had my double mastectomy. Since then I have road tripped twice, seen my one daughter get married and the other engaged, they have graduated and I am proud of them. My relationship with my husband is even stronger now. I have the opportunity to continue to give from a full joyous heart. Now I wait each morning and evening to be filled anew with Light so that I might pour out my heart yet again the next day.

My times may be uncertain but they are in the hands of the Great One and I want to use them wisely and joyously.  

Take care,

33 thoughts on “We All Have to Wait for Something.

  1. Beautifully written Morag 🌸. To wait for an answer must be one of the most difficult things … you prepare for all possible outcomes, but when it finally comes (whether it’s positive or negative), life as you know it, changes forever. But to look back and be thankful for where you are today, that is a great gift of our circumstances.

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  2. You have beautifully explained the situation you were in. It shows your patience and maturity. God has his own ways. Have faith in Him. Everything will be okay. Have a wonderful time. Stay happy and blessed 😊💐🙏

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  3. Waiting for those results is excruciating. I think it is impossible to escape the feelings of anxiety – unless we bury our head in the sand, which isn’t wise. I think your approach is the healthiest approach to take. It’s good to be able to look objectively back over our lives and to be grateful for the choices we have made, and the many blessings we have had. We could all learn a lot from you!!! Even so, I wish the results of the biopsies had been different …

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  4. Yes, life is very unpredictable. I’m glad that looking into your past you feel satisfied. Keep enjoying your life and every moment.
    Waiting is the worst time and very excruciating.
    From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best!
    Be strong and be a fighter!
    Good luck!💗

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  5. This is a true testimony and from it your heart appears to have been strengthened. What a Great and Mighty God we serve Angeles bow before him HEVON and Earth ADORE HIM. Stay blessed Morag I appreciate your love and talent for both art and writing.

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  6. thank you for sharing. your journey… and your wait…
    i too had to wait for a diagnosis once, was not fun at all, .
    I often, (more than I should probably) have sort of ‘death bed’ perspective, thinking of my last day(s) and wondering if I did what I came here to do. did I have a complete life..?
    The answer is always NO, so much I still want to do, accomplish… Every morning I wake up with a goal, and every day my goal is to work on THAT goal at least a little bit, to move the needle just a little bit in the direction of my dreams…

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful response, yes… There’s always more to do.. I know my life is not complicated yet, I have so much more to do… It’s like I was injected new goals and life… It’s my second half of life. Take care.


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Waiting is something that is very necessary and beautiful, like the clock ticking or breathing, it creates rhythm of rest and fly, rest and fly. It’s a time to replenish, restore and rebirth. I think without it I would cease. It’s a pity society sees it as a waste instead of potential. Take care.

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  7. I loved reading you post Morag! Beautifully written with such a deep understanding of the appreciation of life. I love the accompanied image too, and especially the last sentence “My times may be uncertain but they are in the hands of the Great One and I want to use them wisely and joyously.”

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  9. Facing my fear and holding it lightly, without stuffing it down into my subconscious and without spinning out of control

    I quoted you in my journal , if I ever face a similar unknown I hope to have an ounce of your courage. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. I’m glad it has a happy ending. ♡

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