Zeverwacht: Out in the Country.

In the last while we got to spend some time out and about in the country for my daughter, Sio, who recently married in London. They plan to come back and celebrate their marriage here in South Africa next year because they have lots of family and friends here. We were tasked with the job of viewing a couple of venues for them.

One was Zeverwacht near Stellenbosch and the other was The Range in Tokai. Zeverwacht had a beautiful setting. At the time we went there there had been a wind storm of note the previous night. That morning as we set out I couldn’t decide if it was going to rain. We packed in thick jackets just in case. We had made a reservation for breakfast which looked over a little dam. It felt peaceful after the wind. While we ate our breakfast we could hear the thunder rumbling in and it was most atmospheric. Eventually it rained, big generous sized drops from the sky. I guessed this would be just the type of atmosphere and place Sio would like but in the end they chose the second place we looked at, The Range.

This was a different outing on Derek’s birthday. I took him out for lunch and we went on to The Range to compare venues. It is all a matter of personal preference and needs. This place has a nice dance floor and open fireplace for winter celebrations. Sounds romantic doesn’t it?  I think this may have been one of the deciding factors for the happy couple.

So you can see that my life is not just about arranging our translocation to Scotland but also about supporting our children, in this case the wedding celebration preparations. I will leave you with a short slideshow of us walking around the lovely grounds of Zeverwacht.  

Take care, till next time.

12 thoughts on “Zeverwacht: Out in the Country.

  1. Zevenwacht is a lovely place – we visited with our friends there a couple of times and each time, it was a lovely experience! I don’t know The Range (had to google it) – is that the one in Tokai? It looks pretty as well … I’m sure the wedding couple will like this one very much!

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