What you will find in my blog posts


My posts cover topics about emotional and psychological growth inspired through the events that I and others have encountered, survived and flourished. some events might seem mundane and average but at the same time it is also a unique life: of surviving and enjoying a 40 day road trip through Southern Africa to Malawi and back while camping all along the way; facing and living through lobular breast cancer and double mastectomy; raising two daughters to adulthood; and enjoying a vibrant of 32 years.

I have faced depression, social phobia and anxiety, early childhood grief and neglect, and other emotional complexities of family life.  As middle age opened doors and challenged my journey I stepped away from a fundamentalist mindset of judgemental, unloving attitudes to find LOVE and self-acceptance through the wildest of journeys.

Are you interested?

This is my story and my perspective – no doubt others who encountered this story have their perspectives and stories to tell. I share my authentic truth and wisdom which I gained through these events and I hope it will in some way help you on your journey. Some of the tools I used were: self-reflection and introspection; expression through writing and journaling; and creative art-making; also much in-depth reading and supportive counselling.

Life is the best teacher and challenges me to step up and take part instead of turning away and departing from this world. It has enlivened me; taught me to love and to be loved, taught me about self-compassion and kindness as well as creating boundaries. You can’t just dream something into being you have to commit to it with consistent action if you want it to happen.



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