Rejuvenation in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Vancouver

Visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge Park was a very special day as we had never experienced such views from a suspension bridge before. It is a 140 meters long and 70 meters above the riverbed. My words cannot do this place justice. We met up with a dear friend of Derek’s; Hubert was visiting Canada so that he could support and advise Derek on his business deal he was brokering. I encourage you, if you are visiting Vancouver, to take a day to enjoy the forest and walk, it is unforgettable. Unfortunately my camera skills did not do the the views justice but I share these pictures anyway because they have fond memories.

I love observing the life within the forest, here you can see a banana slug. I had not seen one before hence my fascination. I am not a lover of creepy crawlies and slithering slugs but I respect all creation.

And I love the landscapes and leaf-scapes.

There is the suspension bridge, the cliff walk and the treetop adventures, amongst other things to see there.

What fills you and rejuvenates you?

A lot of you know, 
for me it is walking in nature, 
listening to the birds 
and smelling the soft moisture 
or dryness in the air. 
Early mornings and late evenings 
call to my soul, 
"slow down, slow down and great the Now." 
Take time to ruminate 
over the past, 
take time to rewrite the future 
but mostly sit with yourself each day 
to rejuvenate. 

Take care, till next time.

25 thoughts on “Rejuvenation in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Vancouver

  1. Wow … 140m long you said? That’s a long time that I will have to keep my eyes shut (afraid of heights 😨), but it’s so beautiful that I will probably just endure this feeling and do it anyway …
    Lovely photo’s and poem … ‘slow down, slow down and take time’ – yes, that’s so important when in nature 🌿.

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  2. The nature photos are beautiful!!! And the close-ups of the spider and banana slug are super cool. It’s fun to observe things in nature, isn’t it? πŸ˜„ I loved your poem and it’s a true statement on the power of rejuvenation! πŸ’•

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