Reflecting on Your Comments

I want to thank all the readers for your comments on Coping in hard times and The ups and downs of life and after reflecting on all the comments I thought I would like to make a new post with your suggestions and comments.  These are your suggestions and comments, I start here:

As I retire for the night I give thanks for all the good things in my life and every morning when I arise I welcome another opportunity to continue on my journey. Also, recently I heard someone say that “the body is always in the present” and that idea has helped me to stop and think before acting!” This comment reminds me of  some cultures who  entrust their soul to God before going to sleep and are grateful the next day for being granted another day. It is a practice I used when I was really down and couldn’t find any meaning. Being grateful created an expectant heart in me.

I would like to link it with another quote about choice (referring to Victor Frankl): “And it is ultimately freeing and empowering to recognize that we have choices at every moment in life.” Our decisions lead us in a direction and it is worthwhile remembering that. We can choose to turn our faces to the Light and become aware of the possibilities and positivity in our lives.  Helpful choices like looking for a more positive way or acknowledging and holding the tough feelings or situations as seen in these next two quotes:

  1. and sometimes when I feel that way, I allow that feeling for a minute or so … and then start to think about the things that make me happy – to be able to hear the birds chirping outside, to be able to see the beautiful nature (and my loved one’s sleepy wrinkled face) and just to be able to experience another day! [Or] that old gesture of doing good to someone else is making me happy – that never gets old!”
  2. “I would like to add that in these tough times you don’t have to feel happy and positive all the time. You are human and it’s okay not be okay”

It is just as important to be able to hold the uncomfortable feelings as to look for the positive. On the one hand “it is okay not to be okay” and one shouldn’t deny one’s feelings so it is good to acknowledge and them stay with them but on the other hand if one dwells on it too long it could drag one down. So I like this next comment too: “I try to remember that when things don’t go my way, or my plans change to rather ask and seek for a lesson I can learn instead of getting angry and frustrated. Most times the “interruption” in my plans turns out to be a good thing!”

Have you noticed that sometimes one can feel down and almost victimized by circumstances and other times tough situations can make one feel angry and frustrated? Your feelings are a clue as to what you need. So I think it is up to you listen to what your soul needs; be discerning of what you need.

  • Is it patience or compassion?
  • Is it to use the energy of frustration in a positive way to get better results or learn something new?   
  • Is it just to acknowledge and normalize that we are going through tough times and having feelings is quite okay?
  • do we need to make a choice and change something?

That is for you to discern.

Here are three comments which are important to remember as we face difficult times:

  1. “– you just have to go with the flow sometimes and not fight it;”
  2. “I believe it is in the journey/process that we find satisfaction. Rewards only last a moment while the creative process can last a lifetime!;”
  3. “The ups and downs of life make life what it is and, in some ways, makes life fuller. Deeper. Less superficial. But we also survived it and were able to experience peace and joy again.”

To end my reflection of all the comments I would like to finish off with these two quotes, it is my thought that, often times, it is important to look outside oneself to find some balance and to remember the world is a bigger place than just our own sphere we live in:  

  • “Lately, I have been led to look for kindnesses. It is amazing how things that were ordinary before become part of a cascade of good deeds done by others. (and then myself)What an antidote to violence and hatred..”
  • “As for finding the things that bring joy, I find people celebrating each and every small event of life. I also find regular commuters of local trains, who make their otherwise monotonous train journey lively and enjoyable by singing, playing cards, reading or celebrating birthday, anniversary etc. in the group. It all depends on our own mindsets.”

I want to thank you all for your comments and contribution to the discussion on my posts. I really enjoy hearing from you. If you read one of your comments here and would prefer me to add your name I would be happy to do that in future but it is my intention to keep your comments as anonymous to respect your privacy.

Take care!

26 thoughts on “Reflecting on Your Comments

  1. I’m really happy that you’ve made this a seperate post – there’s so much positivity that I can take from other people’s thoughts (and feelings)! We can certainly learn a lot from each other – that quote from someone about “I believe it is in the journey/process that we find satisfaction” … that is absolutely true and I love how this person puts it down 💌.
    You are more than welcome to add my name in future (I think I’ve recognised a sentence there 😊).
    Thank you Morag for another valuable post in extremely difficult times.

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  2. “I believe it is in the journey/process that we find satisfaction. Rewards only last a moment while the creative process can last a lifetime!”
    This is so true. We tend think that the end point will be the point of greatest satisfaction – but it is so brief and transitory. We learn and grow as we walk the journey and that, in itself, brings meaning and satisfaction.

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  3. Love the beautiful photo of the park!! Also, I love all these comments you posted and reflected on. I especially love what you wrote here: “This comment reminds me of some cultures who entrust their soul to God before going to sleep and are grateful the next day for being granted another day.” One day at a time!

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  4. An uplifting and inspiring post, Morag. Loved the picture too. We all are going through rough times from the time of the pandemic but as you rightly said have to pick up ourselves and think on positive and compassionate lines. God’s grace is there with all of us and holding on to him too is satisfying and being in the moment is what counts.

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