Life is hard.

Life is hard

Please take a break

And breathe

There is so much information out there

you don’t need more


stop your clambering

just stay at home

and breathe

Yes you are not in control

 when you hear the internal winds blowing through your soul

let it be……..and…….. breathe

know you are not in control

hear the cicadas singing

let them sing

accept you are not in control

and breathe.

 Let go of all

With your out-breath let go

Let go of all your expectations

With the next and the next out-breath let go

Yes we are going to die

At an allotted time….


You are still alive for now….

Breathe in peace and calm

Welcome them

with wide open arms

Welcome the unknown

and breathe


You will never know all

and yes you may fall…..

and get up again.

It is self-importance that thinks it can be all and know all

Accept that you may not be enough for all the problems out there

but know that you have enough for now

Accept that your tomorrow might be unknown

Yet you got to carry on

In our mortality

we touch the edge of eternity

We continue being refreshed, just enough for today

And each day that we breathe.

boy running during sunset

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Please take care – Life is a gift, be inspired and let it happen.

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