My form explored through 3D art.

I explore feminine identity through various 3D art forms.



in my brokenness,

my vessel cracked


I felt helpless




I tried to cover

my shape

with your


and expectations.

I searched


underneath it all.

what I found was my uniqueness.

oh what a long song-journey it was.

now I embrace

my floralform






there is


like me.


Morag, photo by Derek Noffke


If you are wanting to be creative and to express your thoughts or feelings through visual images you can use anything at hand fig: 1 and 2, I used broken shards of crockery, bread dough and plastic; fig 3, I used a squashed soda can and paper collage; fig 4, 5 and 6, I carved images from blocks of soap; fig 7, is balloons and paper mache; fig 8, is a leaf and a twig spray-painted gold and fig 9, is wire and paper. You too can look around your home or surroundings for everyday objects to use in creating something that represents something else which you want to portray or express.

Maybe you would like to try it out; let me know how it goes. It doesn’t have to be about your body it could be how you feel about Covid 19 or any other thing that comes to mind.

Take care – Life is a gift !


If you want to read the sequence of events from the beginning you can find them here:

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ninth My form explored through 3D art

25 thoughts on “My form explored through 3D art.

  1. Those are such unique and interesting ways of expressing your feelings. I think though, if you look at yourself in the picture your husband took, you will see how he and others see you. Beautiful and photogenic.

    Liked by 1 person

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