Lock-down Loss.

coronavirus news on screen
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Covid 19 Lock-down.

I miss the real you
My life is smaller without you
The subtly of loss
Is that my life continues
Happily working
Doing my thing
Hearing the birds sing

I lost you to a screen
Just your face can be seen
But no more
body language
Silent cues
Body ticks
And energy
Flowing back and forth
Or familiar movements
Our chairs are empty
Now we experience
“lost connection”
As the internet lags
Or batteries fail

No more
Sharing space:
The “dance”
Of our bodies
In a physical place
The ritual
Of movement
Sharing hugs
Sharing tea
In real time

My life continues
Without your presence
No real hello and goodbye
I can’t wait for the day of reunion
Greeting the great hello.

Contemplating lock-down loss?
I was contemplating the losses during lock-down with someone; I prefer to ‘look on the bright side’ of life but scratching under the surface of my contented introversion I have to admit I miss real relationships, and while I am grateful for the internet that can connect us, the internet never makes up for the real deal. I miss the different nuances in each of my relationships.

 – Life is a gift and we do feel the loss of things taken form us. We hurt, we heal, we are never the same, but we will be whole again. – MFNoffke

Take care – Live in Love.

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