Gotta get back up and be propelled forward.

‘We gotta get back up.’


Lock-down 2020

Feeling lazy

Because we can

 Feeling the slanted sun

Warm our skin

Feeling hazy

A drifting plan

Feeling out of sorts

Dragging us back.

Lock down 2020

Put a spanner in the works

For us.

We all

Want to say it,

“It’s inconvenient,






But still

We got to do the best we can.

Take the time to

Feel it

Take the time

To say it


But then

We gotta

Get back up

and be propelled forward.

Free-up 2020

take the spanner out the works

for us

and Our minds.

Free-up our minds. 2020


That is me feeling a bit frustrated at times with the situation we are all in. On the one hand I want to just ‘smile and wave’ but I also want to feel connected to my inner-self that doth protest. It doesn’t do any good dwelling on our frustrations but it is good to get the shovel out and admit the truth about how one feels, then it is easier to move on to freedom in the mind and soul even if it isn’t a physical freedom yet. I know it is for our own good to be in lock-down but what really gets to me is not being able to go outside for walks in nature because that is where I find my refreshing release.

 – So after airing my frustration I gotta get back up and be propelled forward – MFNoffke.


Take care.

9 thoughts on “Gotta get back up and be propelled forward.

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    • Hi there sorry I took a bit of time, but just letting you know that I have posted the liebster award and nominated my bloggers. Thanks once again. It’s really a fun way of getting to know each other 👍👍💐


  2. Your timing is perfect. I finally hit the wall. I have not been my usual self. But I thought I felt content. What I was feeling was shut down. Going through the same thing every day but being satisfied that I got some things done. When I realized this a little voice in my head said, play some music! Last night I did and sang with Carol King. I felt so much better. Thank you, Morag. Great post!


    • Thank you. I am glad to hear it was helpful you spent time singing with Carol King, but sorry to hear you were not feeling your self. I suspect many of us going through ups and downs right now. Hugs🌹🌹


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