It's OK to feel that you have failed, 
it's OK to know that you have failed 
according to your own rules or goals, 
but you can take a deep breath and try again. 
Breathe and hold your Self
until the wave subsides.
Sometimes the going is tough, 
tough trials come our way 
and the burden of life is overwhelming… 
You feel like a cork in the sea 
being battered about by the waves, 
though storms rage within and without 
you are still you. 
You are still aiming for Life. 
Be kind to the flailing parts of you. 
Stretch a hand out 
and trust your way back to the Center.

This is how I sometimes feel when I have veered off the path that leads to my goals. Sometimes when I don’t look after myself with respect I become disappointed and feel like I have failed myself. The feeling of failure is natural; what needs to be re-learnt is being respectful and kind to your Self in all circumstances. Self-respect. Self-care. This is what I re learn over and over. I have the rest of my lifetime to practice it. Come along with me on the Journey of Self-respect.

Have a great weekend and take care.

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