Mindfulness in cooking and eating.

You are in charge of what you eat, 
every morsel you buy and put in your mouth 
are because you are in control. 
You are the key to your health. 
You get to decide or choose. 
You can choose to do this. 
It’s a great feeling 
when you get to realize this. 
you can either chop up a frenzy
in your kitchen being only slightly aware 
of your surroundings or thoughts
and you might catch yourself holding 
your breath
with your mind back at the office
or in some conversation
But this is the time to breathe 
breathe in deeply.
Look at your ingredients
the shapes and the colours
smell them as you are chopping or pealing
breath in deeply and relax
breath in deeply 
for they say that it relaxes you physically
breathing, they say helps you digest food 
and loose weight. 
Breathe, breathe, breathe 
with every stroke of the knife
slow your chopping down to a rhythm, 
your hypnotic beat
breathe in and out letting go
of the days tension
taking in the goodness 
of this nurturing experience 
letting go of anger and frustration
breathe, smile, breathe, smile
please laugh
being grateful
pause the mind
think of this moment 
as part of a nurturing ritual 
that feeds your soul 
as well as your body.

When you eat chew slowly
 like your mother use to tell you
chew slowly and breathe 
with intention
taste and chew 
and taste and breathe
taste and see that it is good
what flavours do you taste?
Make salads 
with a whole variety of flavours: 
juicy fruity pears or peaches, 
lemon rind, 
piquant peppers
crunchy cabbage
bitter parsley
nutty seeds
creamy avocado
biting radishes
salty celery...
give your taste buds a feast 
and celebrate the goodness of whole food.
Let the sensations and textures
of crunch and smooth
and rough 
swirl around your mouth 
and with your breath 
become intimately involved with your food. 
It is allowed
it is a feast to experience
with all your senses.
Enjoy and please 
don’t leave yourself out of the experience! 
You deserve to join in the mindfulness.   
Breathe and celebrate.

The more mindful you are during preparation and eating of food the more you will enjoy the experience. Mindfulness helps you find perspective and you begin to relax because you realize little by little that the joy is in savoring the whole of life. Take care.

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