Honestly Grumpy

I feel out of sorts today.
Not with my life 
or my creativity
but with blogging.
I think I am having
a moment of questioning 
“what is blogging all about”? 
you have this too?
don't you?
One of my aims 
is to practice
my craft of writing; 
to be a better word smith,
 so to speak. 
another is to be encouraging
and sending thoughts
of love and respect.
But do I want to write today? 
Do you want to read it anyway? 

So blah, blah, blah 
and words, words, words 
are just meaningless 
if you get my point. 
If you are not actually reading 
what I am writing 
then let me know.
you wouldn’t know 
to let me know 
as you are not reading it.
Is this a familiar feeling?

? well some of you might be confused
 that’s okay too
sometimes I have a grumpy day
don’t you?
So I am off to do my painting 
and crafting visual images 
because all my drafts
just look meaningless.

Let me know how you feel
See you tomorrow for my travel blog.

15 thoughts on “Honestly Grumpy

  1. Morag, I love your honesty here. I feel this way sometimes too. I find it to be a hard mood to shake free from. Sometimes doing something creative pulls me out of it. Sometimes I just go back to bed. But we keep going, that feels like the important thing to me. I hope you’re doing well. Take good care!

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    • I am well thank you, I hope you are too, I am relieved to hear that you know that feeling too. As creative people I think emotions can impact us greatly either positively or negatively. I found that after writing and posting it I felt a lot freer and unblocked. Some times what’s going on for me is that my inner creative person doesn’t feel like blogging but feels very excited about some other creative process. When I expect myself perform my inner creative wants to stand up for what she wants to flow with. But there are days where I avoid the issue. Keeping on is important 👍👍. You take care too🤗🎶

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      • It feels a lot less lonely to share this. I know it’s common but it doesn’t feel that way when nobody talks about it. Thank you again Morag! Yes, I think you’re right. Creative people like us are very sensitive to our emotions and those around us. It’s hard to turn off. But channeling it into artistic expression can be satisfying.

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  2. I just discovered your blog. Ive been on a blog hunt to find some blogs to follow because following people on social media is such a drag and some just post meaningless stuff.
    And like you I too feel the same sometimes, because I too want to be a better writer. But Don’t know what to write.
    I think the problem is that we feel we should post more meaningful stuff on our blogs. It takes more thought than a one liner on twitter.

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    • Thank you for visiting and reading my post. I hope you continue to enjoy.
      Yes I always want to stay relevant while expressing my journey. I guess we all have off days sometimes 😄Wishing you many meaningful words to express on your writing journey.


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