Collage: Taste/Tastes

A section of taste/tastes collage by MFNoffke.


The origin of the word “Collage” is French and means to glue or paste; making up a two dimensional image usually on paper or material. When constructing a collage you could either spend a lot of time on an image or you could set yourself a quick 15 minute exercise.


Here are some ways that collages can be used:

  1. Creating an artistic image, either abstract or realistic
  2. A reflective process where one allows oneself to be mindful and aware of ones thoughts when doing the project
  3. Quick collages can be useful when one feels a creative blocked or stuck. It is meant to be fun and done without much care. Anyone can do this as there is no drawing expected of one.
  4. Can be used as a pre-sketch for a painting.
  5. Vision boards.

I posted a Collage challenge, prompt: Taste/Tastes on Wednesday.

This is the collage I made. I used this collage as a time of reflection. I chose an abstract image as I feel that illustrating taste is quite an abstract idea. I also find that abstract images encourages my flow of thoughts. 

As I worked I thought about how ‘taste’ is a word used for food but it can also refer to our personal tastes and the choices we make. Most of us are privileged enough in this regard. As I let my mind meander I thought about what food feels like in my mouth, the textures, flavors and pops of flavour-colour. While I chose my images from the magazines I also kept my eyes open for words that caught my attention. I set myself a time limit as I find I can get really caught up in the details and over-absorbed. In the end it took me several hours in the morning and afternoon. Here are some of my notes from my journal:

  • I choose to tear the paper rather than cut as it reminds me of choosing to chew slowly.
  • Then I thought“cutting would be faster” and this thought reminded me of how we want everything done fast. Like fast food too. Taring is like nibbling. It made me aware of the need to slow down and appreciate each activity I am doing in the moment. Focusing on the moment is very important.
  • Finally I wrote a poem which was largely inspired by the image of the coffee pickers hands. Seeing the hands put it all into perspective for me. Instead of just looking inward at my tastes I was transported to think about all the other people on the other side of the equation so to speak. Here is the poem:
I feel
I am grateful 
for the food I have
I am thankful for the farmers, 
the growers, the pickers, harvester, packers, truckers – 
all these hardworking people I depend on. 
If they didn’t do their jobs
there would not be 
good food for
us to eat.
I feel
Then I thought
I am mindful of the people 
who don’t have enough food to eat, 
no money to provide food for their families 
and I am mindful for the people who are sick with covid 
who don’t have an appetite to eat their food and those who are dying.

I am grateful that I have food each day, I am aware that I depend on others and I feel sorrow for those who are suffering; while I enjoy the great tastes of life, while I feel safe and warm and secure. And so in my mindfulness I say a prayer for these people less fortunate than me.

Have a wonderful weekend

21 thoughts on “Collage: Taste/Tastes

  1. 1. I really like your collage and I like the idea of making a collage, haven’t made one since school days.. Will keep an eye out for another challenge, or do this one later, problem is we don’t have magazines at home, no images to tear :). but will start keeping our weekly (free) newspaper…
    2. love the poem, in our tradition we also say thank you/ are mindful of the animals that sacrificed their lives so we may have food to eat. so much to think about when you eat your dinner of all the ‘hands’ that go into giving you food. “food for thought” 😉

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    • I for a moment wasn’t sure when I started this collage if I had magazines too as most of what I do or read is online and I recycle regularly but friends or family could also help out in that regard. I have stopped doing collages generally but they can bring a different element into creativity.
      Thank you for your comment on the poem. It’s true we can also thank the animals. Wonderful point. Thanks for your comments.

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  2. Thank you so much Morag for this profound post and for your lovely collage. The poem is so inspiring we all need to say thank you to each and everyone who serves us our daily vegetables and for the food that we eat and to be saying a prayer to all those who have not eaten for so many days.

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