Polishing Reflections

I have had to adjourn my Icefield posts due to a technical problem I have regarding my images from the trip: no images, no posts for the moment. In the meantime here is a poem…

is about going
 deep inside yourself,
turning what you have "seen",
over and over in your mind,
like a pebble rumbling
 along the bottom
of the riverbed,
until it shines its truth
 into your heart
 and you go forth
and begin to live the truth
 out in your life in such a way
that your life is changed for the best.
When one life changes other lives change in response. 
 It is bound to happen even on the rebound.
Lake Louise.

I hope you are having a good weekend, take care.

22 thoughts on “Polishing Reflections

    • Thank you, I am all set to post just need to learn how to use imgur as it is free and then I will be able to use url links. I am eager to post so it’s a little frustrating but I am learning to roll with it. And thank you for your encouragement too ❀️

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