When you are stuck at home.


Pine cones in the forest, Constantia by Morag Noffke


Scent of pine needles –

see the pine cones and feathers

Consider nature.




Guinea fowl feathers by Morag Noffke


Visualization for when you are stuck at home.

In your own solitude imagine walking through a forest. Hear the crunch or pine needles under foot. Take yourself into the depths of the cover. Breathe. Imagine the scents of pine and damp soil. Breath. Search for unsuspecting treasures: a feather, a mushroom,  deer, bird, or another friendly human. Get in touch with Nature through you senses. thrust your fingers into loamy soil. Breathe. Still your worried mind; breathe in deeply and make a conscious effort to get in touch with Peace; breathe out stress, let go of worry. Ask Peace to be your friend as you go through these trials. Seek hope. Steady your mind on Love. Stay. Rest. Remain in Love.


Take care and look after yourselves.



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